Western University, Canada - London Ontario

| Friday August 18, 2017
10:22 AM

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There are probably a thousand reasons why Western is an awesome place to do your neurology residence. One of these big reasons is the city itself.

Small-town Big City
London is a lovely place to live.  There are several very charming neighborhoods -- between the serene parks and hospitable folks of the Old North, the eclectically inviting shops of Old South, the quaint mix of pubs and restaurants of Downtown London, and 30 other unique communities in London -- there's always something to see and do! And dd we mention the good food in London?

Good Group of Brains!
Aside from the city though, the neurology program here is fantastic.  The highlights are the residents and the staff.  The staff have a wealth knowledge both in general neurology and subspecialty expertise. More importantly, they are always eager to teach!

As for us -- of course we're the best! But in all seriousness -- we're a fun and motivated bunch. At work, you can always find a colleague in our Neurology Team room, which is great when you need to someone to bounce ideas off of. After work, you can find us hanging out and relaxing in town on a regular basis. Above all, we try to be supportive, motivated, and engaged.

Finally, the department's relationship with neuroradiology is a game-changer. We meet with our neuroradiology team every day to review the day's images. Until you are here, you can not imagine how great it is to get real-time input from neuroradiology staff. They are the best!

G. Bryan Young
David A. Steven