Western University, Canada - London Ontario

| Friday August 18, 2017
10:20 AM

Referral Group Description

The Urgent Neurology Clinic (UNC) is for patients with neurological problems who need to be seen within a week. It is not an appropriate venue for chronic or subspecialty neurology referrals*.

To maintain our ability to see referrals within 3 working days all referrals to the UNC are triaged by the attending neurologist as to urgency and appropriateness for this clinic and referrals not deemed appropriate will be returned, with suggestions if appropriate. We understand the frustration in obtaining a timely consultation, but this is necessary in order to fulfill the mandate of assessing patients with urgent neurological issues within a reasonable period of time.

There is a referral form for the UNC that must be filled in and faxed to 519-667-6766 (see linked pdf form). http://www.cnsuwo.ca/downloads/resources/release/2014/CNS-download_2014-03-MAR-14_urgent-neurology-clinic-referral-form_47606.pdf

To ensure appropriate triage, complete and relevant information is required. Incomplete forms will be returned before decisions are made about appointments.
Many referrals received in the UNC are more appropriately dealt electively by a subspecialty neurologist, general/community neurologist or by a neurologist who is already involved in their care.

If you have questions, please call the Urgent Neurology consultant to discuss why you feel your patient needs an urgent assessment. Contact Victoria Hospital (Monday through Friday 830-430) at 519-685-8500 (ask switchboard to page the neurologist on call for Victoria Hospital) OR telephone the urgent neurology clinic directly at 519-667-6661.

* Referrals to the UNC are not appropriate for:
• Non-neurological issues (e.g. non-specific dizziness)
• Chronic or non-urgent neurological problems such as headache
• Chronic pain including low back pain
• Second opinions
• Medicolegal issues
• Post-MVA issues
• Children (< 18 years)
• Neurosurgical issues, head injuries or concussions.
• Current hospital inpatients
• Patients who are already followed by, or have been recently (arbitrarily within a year) seen by, a neurologist for this problem – patients should be referred back directly to that neurologist.
• Patients outside London - referrals should be directed to local neurologist(s) first.

There are currently no doctors in this referral group.