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| Monday August 21, 2017
7:46 PM

Neurosurgery - Areas of Focus

Academic Appointment

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Western University

Bio Sketch

After earning his BSc with first class honours in 1997 from the University of Calgary, Dr. MacDougall completed medical school at the University of Alberta in 2002 and neurosurgical training at Western University in 2008. After a year in Calgary as a general neurosurgeon, Dr. MacDougall returned to Western for a year of fellowship training in Pain Surgery and Deep Brain Stimulation. Subsequently, Dr. MacDougall spent another fellowship year performing Epilepsy Surgery abroad at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Australia
Dr. MacDougall is an Assistant Professor with Western University. His clinical practice is focused on Functional Neurosurgery.


Dr. MacDougall has published and presented on outcomes following epilepsy surgery, specifically after invasive intracranial recordings. Ongoing research interests include the effectiveness of neuro-modulation for the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain and headache and the application of novel stimulation techniques.

Keith MacDougall

Medical Interests

  • Neuro-oncology
  • Chronic Pain Surgery
  • Epilepsy Surgery
  • Movement Disorder Surgery
  • Parkinson's Disease Surgery

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