Western University, Canada - London Ontario

| Monday April 21, 2014
3:03 AM

People Involved with the EBN Program

Primary Contact - Questions and Correspondance :
519 - 663 - 3404

London Health Sciences Centre
University Hospital
339 Windermere Road
London Ontario Canada
N6A 5A5

2014 - 2015 Program Directors :
Current Members :
Courtney Casserly  (PGY-5)
Derek Debicki  (PGY-5)
Anita Florendo-Cumbermack  (PGY-5)
Magdalena Zlatescu  (PGY-5)
Marvin Chum  (PGY-4)
Kristin Ikeda  (PGY-4)
Michelle Maloney  (PGY-4)
Jill Rau  (PGY-4)
Philippe Rizek  (PGY-4)
Anita Dayal  (PGY-3)
Devin Hall  (PGY-3)
Lauren Mai  (PGY-3)
Alicia Mattia  (PGY-3)
Warren Berger  (PGY-2)
Nicholas Cothros  (PGY-2)
Nevena Markovic  (PGY-2)
Miljan Tripic  (PGY-2)
Alexander Melinyshyn  (PGY-1)
Yahia Mohammad  (PGY-1)
Sachiko Takahashi  (PGY-1)
Sara Zangeneh  (PGY-1)
Past Members :
Samuel Wiebe, MD MSc
Ana Cartagena  (Class of 2013)
Sashi Perera  (Class of 2013)
Neema Kasravi  (Class of 2012)
Jennifer Mandzia  (Class of 2012)
Christina Cheung  (Class of 2011)
Maria MacDonald  (Class of 2011)
Andrea Salmon  (Class of 2011)
Teneille Gofton  (Class of 2010)
Amal Al-Khotani  (Class of 2009)
Hakim Raghig  (Class of 2009)
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Michael J. Strong
Sandrine de Ribaupierre