Western University, Canada - London Ontario

| Friday August 18, 2017
7:53 PM

Mission Statement

The information included in the Western University Evidence-Based Neurology website is designed to supplement and improve current information available to both health care professionals and their patients regarding current evidence in the practice of neurology. The critical appraisal tools provided on this website are targeted to an audience with a working knowledge of both clinical neurosciences and medical statistics.

The Western University Evidence-Based Neurology group aims to enhance the critical appraisal skills necessary for evaluating current evidence in the neurologic field. Critical appraisal tools are created in the context of an evidence-based teaching session and are designed to augment the clinical decision making skills of participating neurology residents. The critical appraisal tools are designed to supplement, and not to replace, the information currently available to neurology residents, to practicing neurologists and to their patients.

Policy on Advertising

The Western University Evidence-Based Neurology website does not accept advertisement. There is no funding received from advertising content and no commercial content on this website.

Editorial Policy

The clinical appraisal tools available on the Western University Evidence-Based Neurology website are created by a neurology resident participating in the evidence-based teaching session. They are edited by a team of designated residents and attending neurologists from the Western University prior to being made publicly available on the website.

Mel Boulton